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tyler11 08-08-09 10:30 AM

my latest project
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iv bin working on it for about a week ita made you of old schwins
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FuzzyRyder 08-08-09 03:35 PM

Thats ****in awesome! lol

tyler11 08-08-09 08:02 PM

yea iv bin grounded fod 8 weeks so i needed somthin to do

Ryan k. 08-08-09 10:00 PM

Holly crap, does it ride good? and dang 8 weeks, what'd you do lol.

tyler11 08-08-09 11:52 PM

welll lit a smoke bomb in the house ad several other things
and na not yet i had to do more work on it wen i finished mi dad came out yellin cuz it was 11:00
i only have one thing left to get for it i got to get the dk slic cable 4 a throtle cable im hookin that up to the brake lever ill post more pix wen its complately finished in a few days

Ryan k. 08-08-09 11:58 PM

haha on the smoke bomb, and sick cant wait, you should make a video of it.

tyler11 08-09-09 12:36 AM

lol maby
no mem. card for the camera

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