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Bikedued 07-08-04 10:02 PM

Motobecane BMX, worth any trouble?
There's a purple motobecane BMX bike at my local thrift store. It actually
does not look well made from my experience, but the name is good, right?
Just wondering if it's worth the trouble to buy. Probably is ten bucks if it's a dollar.
Seemed to have the exact same stem as my Madwagon cruiser, and the huffy sitting
beside it.,,,,BD

PGZX3 07-09-04 12:48 PM

if you want it...go for it, the only way to know if its worthwhile is a test ride......also...what are you planning on using it for???

Bikedued 07-09-04 01:04 PM

I'm 6' 1" and 210 pounds, I was thinking of using it as a daily rider? Lol! Naw, mainly interested in
resale. Whether I could get more than $10 for it myself, online of course. Guess I'll let it sit there. It's
in my neighborhood, in which 99.9% of kids have never heard of the brand.,,,,BD

legalize_it 07-09-04 03:16 PM

sounds unique, i say get it

Bikedued 07-09-04 03:36 PM

Yah think so?,,,,BD

Been there a few months, I'm wondering why no one else wants it?

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