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minichamp31 08-24-09 10:21 AM

Riding Trails.
Alright I probably said something about this before, but if not I'll say it again. My friend and I finally found some trails to ride. They're a lot of fun, but they're about 15 miles from his house which really makes it hard to get tools like rakes, shovels, etc. there so we can't work on them at all, so we just ride them as they are. Nobody's ridden these trails in quite awhile, so there's some grass on the landings and the such. But it's really nice, it's back in the woods a bit, and there's a lot of shade. I have a few pictures and videos of him and me, and we're going again this weekend so I'll try to get some more.

Sorry about the shakiness in advance. The first video is me and the 2nd is my friend RJ.

FuzzyRyder 08-24-09 10:28 PM

Sick looks like fun, build em up!

fuzzbox 08-25-09 12:15 AM

Strap some shovels on your back or something. They look fun.

minichamp31 08-28-09 05:13 PM

They are a lot of fun. We're definitely going to fix them up and make them look and ride better. It rained like mad the past two days and I think we're going up tomorrow and attempt to ride them or just do some work. Maybe we can find a way to get some shovels there. I wish he could get his license back though. That would make it tons easier.

Street rider 08-28-09 07:04 PM

tie one of those 30 gal trash buckets with the wheels on it to your seat post lol

or like a golf bag

minichamp31 08-29-09 10:35 AM

Alright we decided not to go today after all. We've had terrible weather the past few days and figured there would be no chance of riding them today. And street rider, those ideas seem pretty hard. I think I'm going to find a way to rig them to my bookbag that I carry with me.

Street rider 08-29-09 01:15 PM

those ones are just hard to turn. use a radio flyer! tie the handle to your bike, and it'll turn the wheels so it doesn't tip!

minichamp31 08-29-09 01:53 PM

What a great idea. (sarcasm)

FlatMaster 08-29-09 03:16 PM

y = y0 + v0t + .5gt^2

minichamp31 08-31-09 04:21 PM

Originally Posted by FlatMaster (Post 9579949)
y = y0 + v0t + .5gt^2


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