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lisabmx 09-28-09 05:18 PM

GT Compe 09 and bunnyhop question
Hey, I just ordered a GT Compe 09 and am planning to use it for getting around town and also racing, hopefully it won't be too heavy. Anyone tried out this bike before and have an opinion on it? Also, I was wondering how best to learn a bunnyhop on my new bike, it seems impossible without clip-in pedals! Advice appreciated, thanks! :)

Kodyo 09-28-09 06:38 PM

Dont learn with clip in pedals, that won't help you at all. This website has best explanation with plenty of pictures/movies

lisabmx 09-28-09 09:53 PM

Cool thanks
So by clip-in pedals, does that mean the ones with the special shoes that clip onto the pedals? My bike just has normal flat BMX pedals, so they they're clip-in ones? Haha you can tell I'm a beginner.

fuzzbox 09-28-09 11:03 PM

Clipless are pedals that clip to your shoe. Personally it is waay easier to bunny hop without em and you don't get much height with em anyways.

Kodyo 09-29-09 07:21 PM

You don't need your feet permanently attached to your pedals. Just rotate you feet a little when you try to tuck, the pedals should almost stick to your feet and follow up. Read that whole site 2-3 time and learn by what they say. Easiest way to get the idea anyways

diablo2 11-24-09 06:48 PM

I learnt bunnyhops from someone telling me to lift up my front tire and twist my grips forewards and that seeemed to work for me but like everything in bmx it takes practice.

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