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El Sordo 08-09-04 02:13 PM

Suggestions for an old guy
I want to buy a bike to ride with my kids, but don't want to look too ridiculous. I am 5'11'', 220lbs, any suggestions? I raced in the ABA, 20 years ago, but have not been on a 20 incher for years! My 9 year old wants a new bike, I was thinking about the K2 DMC Comp bike (simply because McCoy is my age and he still rides), any input?

PGZX3 08-09-04 03:15 PM

I am right around your size and ride a Haro Backtrail and it suits me just fine, however if you do a quick look through of some recent threads there are TONS of reviews and suggestions of great bikes, and I'm sure you'll find something that looks appealing. That being said, I knew a guy who rore a Mongoose DMC a LONG time ago and loved it.

BMXTRIX 08-09-04 03:16 PM

Adults always look ridiculous on bikes... But, that's just cuz' they don't understand us. Go ahead and get a good bike. Figure out a budge and ask about the options.

I suggest taking a look at and compare some bike specs of multiple models before just jumping into a specific brand. K2 is one of those companies that seems very 'light' on their support of bmx, so you would want to keep that in mind. Though, DMC kicks butt, and a quick look at shows the bikes to be at least halfway decent. If you are going to try some street, then look for a bike with about a 20.5" or longer top tube and you should at least be comfortable on your ride.

S&Mdirtrider 08-09-04 03:25 PM

honestly i used to have a haro bactrail but it was stolen and that was one of my favorite bikes, but now i have a Giant. I would get a haro the only problem is they seem a little heavy. I have heard numerous comments on S&M. i had an S&M frame and never had ne problems, many people like S&M so id go with that depending on ure price range.

Standard Rider 11-04-04 09:37 PM

try a 24" they are a bunch of fun and handle way better for older, bigger riders that need to go to work in the morning.

Deliciouspeed 11-05-04 02:00 AM

If you really just want to cruise, get a cruiser.

Yoz 11-05-04 12:37 PM

well i'm 30 , 6foot and 11 stone, however many pounds that is, I ride a Trek front suspension MTB and an SE Mauler BMX - bought 4 weeks ago, the MTB has not been out the shed since.
Depends on what you're looking to do, if just having a bit of fun and stunts, get a BMX, bikes are so cheap these days compared to what they used to be, you could get an entry level of both...

sswarmachine 11-06-04 09:12 PM

Same here. I'm 31 rode bmx 15 years ago. I have a haro mirra the only shock will be the weight of the sturdier frames of today. 24 inch cruisers are fun too! Isn't having a job great!

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