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minichamp31 03-17-10 09:08 PM

Racing Season... right around the corner. Who's ready to get back on that bike and start ripping up the track again? I can't wait. :thumb:

fuzzbox 03-18-10 12:05 AM

It is more like the other way around since it is getting hotter down here.

minichamp31 03-18-10 04:30 PM

Ahh, lucky. It's finally got over 50 last week. It was about 70* today, and it was awesome. You racing this year?

fuzzbox 03-19-10 11:46 AM

Possibly if I have the extra cash. Otherwise I'll just go to the practices.

minichamp31 03-19-10 06:26 PM

Practices are the best part of racing.

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