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Bonifatich 03-23-10 12:46 PM

What maximum frame size would fit 20' wheels ?
I have a BMX bicycle but its too small for me so I wanted to strip its parts and fit them on to a bigger cycle frame.

Yet, for example standard 20' frame is unsuitable because pedals would hit the floor.

And so my question is, what maximum frame can I use to fit 20' wheels on?

p.s. V brakes are not an issue because this BMX bike has disk brakes on both wheels.

Perhaps the answer was already asked before here but I couldn't find it, so if anyone knows of a thread, please post it. Many thanks

tyler11 03-23-10 04:46 PM

all frames will fit 20 inch wheels unless it says its a 16, 24, 26 inch cruiser..

mykesbykes 03-24-10 01:02 AM

The cranks will still hit the ground, brake caliper will still have to mount on the frame, unless you have a bolt on kit, its a no go. Sell.

Also you can look into a longer, bigger BMX frame, like 21-22 inch top tube. I have the same trouble with my ParkPre, its got a short TT, and long 175 Sugino cranks, and I bash the heck out of my pedals on turns, and even have wiped on concrete twice becuase my pedals grabbed....

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