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roperman911 08-28-04 09:15 PM

Need help building a flatland bike
Well I am building a flatland bike from scratch and I don't know much at all about flatland bikes or parts. I want to know what the best parts are for my budget. I am a begginer. And for a frame how much do ya'll think I am going to have to spend?

ANY help would be AWESOME!

Ninshadow 08-28-04 09:38 PM

You might want to start with a complete bike and go from there. Always check and Probably starting with flatland fuel. Ask BMXTRIX. He will give you lots of info. He says the DK Signal is a really good beginner flatland bike. He is around here some where.

BMXTRIX 08-28-04 10:49 PM

A really good flatland bike will run you no less than about $1,000.00 or so if you are building it from scratch.

A really good ENTRY level bike will run you $280.00 and is the DK Signal. I would recommend this bike to all newbies in the world of flatland.

Read the other posts that are already here as there is a ton of info on this bike already and some info on a killer complete flatland specific bike.

roperman911 08-29-04 08:14 AM

then mabye i will just go with the dk signal and upgrade from there as i get better

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