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haro_rider09 08-29-04 04:06 PM

i can do......
bunny hop, barspin, endo (no handed and 1 handed), squeakers, barhops(riding it with no hands), dork wheelies, wheelies, manuals, rear peg manuals, surfers, riding back wards, backwards wheelies, swivels, and cyclones

someone told me i would be classified as intermediate........i have those tricks pretty much nailed
what do you think i am?
and what tricks should i move onto next?
(flatland only please)

jrt1990 08-29-04 04:33 PM

ya thats only intermediate, a very strong intermediate, im sure if u get even better, start nailin more of those trix on bmxtrix and then id say ud become an expert, but then again u bein intermediate only makes me a beginner, o well

jrt1990 08-29-04 04:36 PM

unless u think this is intermediate: i just looked at it and i can do all of them except dork wheelies, surfers, swivels, and cyclones. Never tried all of them before but ill check into it, i can do some more trix to but i posted that in my other forum

haro_rider09 08-29-04 04:57 PM

so i would be intermediate?
wow i was thinking beginner

jrt1990 08-29-04 05:07 PM

nope im definately sure ur not a beginner because i think im considered a beginner and ur better than me so ya

haro_rider09 08-29-04 07:28 PM

lol thats funny

haro_rider09 08-29-04 07:51 PM

hey jrt1990 whats your msn sn?

jrt1990 08-29-04 08:21 PM

[email protected] why though?

BMXTRIX 08-29-04 10:34 PM

You are still beginner. Intermediates will be doing hang-5's and will start combining some of the easier tricks. I think during my beginner runs of 15 years ago I was doing double fire-hydrants to decades, steam rollers, and whiplashes.

I moved up to intermediate when I could do dump trucks and hang-5's and stuff like that. Expert when I could do hitchhikers and could combine harder tricks in combination and had a couple of tricks that were 'mine'. Pro, when I could hit a 3-4 minute run with 0-1 touch and was combining a lot of tricks and working on keeping up with the hardest stuff out there.

Expert is JUST under pro. The top experts are doing pro level stuff, but not typically as original, and usually not as hard.

That means that Intermediates are at a point where they really need to be doing hitchhikers, hang-5's and pretty much every trick towards the bottom of the list on BMXTRIX and be at a point where they are linking some tricks.

A beginner remains a beginner until they have enough tricks to fill 90-120 seconds of riding. A full 'routine' if you will. Once you have the tricks to fill the run, then you want to be going to contests and placing in the top 3 or so on a very consistent basis.

In the end, this is almost impossible these days because contests are so few and far between. I used to compete once every 1-2 months. Now, while I don't compete, most guys are only able to hit 2-3 contests per YEAR and they have to travel a long ways from here to do so.

Mr.Noobie 08-29-04 10:50 PM

bmx whats your real name?

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