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[FAT]Roy 05-07-10 11:21 AM

revo advice plz
'sup BMX, FatRoy here just wondering if I could get some advice on modification of a 98 haro revo. The first thing I want to do is install a new crank. I've decided that I like the way people have responded to the Redline device cranks( but I cannot find the specs for cranksize of my bicycle so I dont know if i should order them or not. Most of the information i can gather I have gotten from here: It says haro megacrank 44 teeth; does this mean I need to find 44 tooth crankset with Fusion sealed american shell width bottom bracket? :D or am i just confusing myself and really I could order whatever crankset as long as I get a Redline BB device kit to unify the revo frame with the aftermarket crank? :thumb:

Greyryder 05-07-10 11:20 PM

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking. 44 teeth is the size of the sprocket. It's not part of the cranks. It bolts onto the drive side crank arm. You'll need an American sized bottom bracket (either the Redline or another) that fits 19mm spindles. That picture looks like a one piece crank, so I doubt that it will fit the Device's 19mm spindle.

The only other size to worry about, is the crank arm length. You existing cranks are probably 175mm. You can always install the 180s, if you want longer cranks.

EDIT: Forgot to add, you'll also need an adapter, for your sprocket. You'll want the one labeled as "popular."

mykesbykes 05-08-10 01:50 AM

Im kinda outdated on my crank/bb info, but after a bit of looking, I think I like this set..

its pricer, but comes with the bottom bracket.

device: 33 oz. without bottom bracket.
profile: 42 oz. with bottom bracket.

I wonder if the BB wieghs 9 ozs?

minichamp31 05-08-10 11:03 PM

Those cranks you found are solid cranks. I think the BB does probably weigh about 9 ounces.

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