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JMC 09-08-04 01:06 AM

we the people bikes are WAY too expensive!!
wats the deal with wtp? they suck and they so expensive? what the hell?

BMXTRIX 09-08-04 05:27 AM

Why do you say they suck? Do you know what a quality bike is? Do you look at Huffy and call that 'quality'? What is it you look for in a bike that makes it good? Do you look at a bike and see 3-piece cranks and say "Oh, that's a good bike!"?

We The People have a pretty solid reputation for putting together some very good bikes. They don't muck around with 'entry level' stuff as much as other companies do. WTP's bottom line bikes are more like Haro's midline bikes. Then they get better from there. So, you pay for it appropriately.

They are far from expensive - and they are FAR from sucking, as you so eloquently put it.

haro_rider09 09-08-04 02:00 PM

all these people say all these brands suck except the really popular ones
thats how alot of people are

haro_rider09 09-08-04 02:01 PM

o yeah and the fact of
about them sucking
well they really do lol

sxe fbm rider 09-08-04 02:54 PM

Yea, wtp is a really good company.. I used to have wtp forks and I loved them. And they are not expensive. I dont know what kind of bike you ride, but those are normal high bmx prices.

frozin 09-08-04 05:29 PM

wtp is nowhere near expensive, they make their frames in taiwan to keep costs down.

jrt1990 09-08-04 05:34 PM

ya i think its dumb that bike companies (or any companies) notice that alot of people are buyin or are gonna buy their product so they think hey, if these sell alot, maybe we can make them alot more expensive, just like nike (even though i wear em), some of their shoes arnt any better then some everlasts or some new balances, but since they are name, they skyrocket the prices

frozin 09-08-04 05:52 PM

i don't see much inflation in the price of bmx parts outside of advancments in technology, frames were 250-300$ 10 years ago and they were simply just 4130 tubes bent and welded. now you have campanies using different tubing, different BB shells, integrated headsets, any many other things. 340$ is about the most you should have to spend for a super quality frame, but even the 300$ market is pretty much just the same.

rios 09-08-04 08:53 PM

what about volume, they aren't bad are they?


sxe fbm rider 09-08-04 11:21 PM

volume is great. Most of your high quality bike companies are all great.. standard, wtp, kink, volume, S&M, FBM, Primo, Profile, afew others I forgot to mention. They are all great companies with pretty similar prices and except for minor thinhs they may do differently here and there, they are all close in quality, give or take a product or a few.

JMC 09-12-04 08:20 AM

once again, sxe fbm rider is wisest (no sarcasm) and has the best posts.

sxe fbm rider 09-12-04 04:17 PM

I give it up to bmxtrix

989_bmx 08-03-09 06:18 PM

well i ride an 09 redline 5.1 and it rides great, i personally dont like wtp that much, but thats just me, i think it all depends on what the rider likes.

fuzzbox 08-04-09 12:37 AM

You are a few years late.

wethepeople 08-04-09 01:14 AM

yah guise wtf iz up wit dat eh?

dave manner 08-09-09 10:56 AM

speaking of a few years late
I'm still trying to score me one of those sweeeet looking KHE premium lagger frames I saw in 2001

Red Horn 08-18-09 01:17 PM

They come from Germany. What have you ever seen cheaply priced from there? Very nice bikes overall, but should be a little lower IMO especially with the house branded Salt components. The Eclat stuff seems premium and should be worth it. They almost sell out their line every year so I'm sure they feel no reason to cut prices any. The 2010 line up is the nicest looking I have seen to date from any company.

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