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edmej123 09-08-04 10:00 PM

bmx racing
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hey, i wanna get into bmx racing, and i think i need different forks, or do i, cuz mine are kinda heavy, but i dont know anything, ne wayz, what do u suggest i do to make my bike faster in any real way, like gear ratios and stuff (i dunno) and what are some good racing forks? the same with cranks. im hella stupid..... oh yeah, i remember somebody askin about disc brakes on a bmx bike i found them on mistake, heres some pics

sxe fbm rider 09-08-04 11:17 PM

I dont know anything about racing, but thats an interesting looking bike.

sxe fbm rider 09-08-04 11:18 PM

like it

PGZX3 09-09-04 08:04 AM

with the cranks, a good 180mm profile will do just fine if you're of average height, running a 38:14 gear ratio or a 44:16, and you can't go wring as far as racing goes with an answer fork, but its highly unnecessary, just any lightweight fork will get the job done, hell, I used to race on a S&M Pitchfork for a while

PGZX3 09-09-04 08:07 AM

one more thing, you don't necessarily make bikes faster, just you. The best thing you can do for speed is a nice lightweight fork and some lightweight wheels (chris king wheelset laced to some Araya Super 7X rims with titanium spokes will rock your world.) Other piddly things like a lighter seat and some nice Tioga Comp III tires will help, as well as getting a narrower chainwheel and freewheel (or if you're running a cassette its no problem) and running a 9 speed MTB chain

edmej123 09-09-04 04:11 PM

ok, do i really need lightweight rims? my rimset hubs and all weigh 2 or less pounds. is that good? my frame is a haro monocoque, hella light, and tell me a little about gear ratios, im lost. need some answer forks, though. any though wear i can get them kinda cheap.

PGZX3 09-09-04 08:32 PM

gear ratios are simple, just run a 44:16 and you'll be fine, a gear ratio that somes out to the same (the 38:14 I mentioned) is smaller and lighter and there's less metal there to flex, so you get a bit stiffer response, but good luck finding a 14t freewheel. Your wheels, I don't know what average weight is but a chris king uses an engagement 'ring' instead of pawls, so you get quicker engagement after freecoasting, which can help as well. Cheap forks can usually be found at the racetracks along with about anything else, or ebay, but as with anything used, it may be worn beyond its stress limitations, so be careful.

Lasalles 09-09-04 10:15 PM

One thing to remember is that a good rider will still ride fast on a $^it bike.So alot of it comes down to the person sitting ontop of the bike.

edmej123 09-09-04 11:08 PM

so those numbers just mean how many teeth the sprocket and freewheel have? is the bigger the difference the higher top spead you get or anything?

PGZX3 09-10-04 03:02 PM

the higher the bigger number is in relation to the smaller number the harder it is to get started but the more you get out of each crank revolution once going, this is something that you will be able to guage which you'd prefer depending upon which track you're at and your competition, I preferred to get out ahead early as I'm a really big guy, and it can be damn hard to pass me even if you're faster

edmej123 09-10-04 05:11 PM

ok thanx

dk_dude 09-11-04 09:07 AM

i wanna get into bmx racing so can someone give some info on it il start a thread

PGZX3 09-11-04 02:46 PM

why not read everything here and in the other threads (that can be found with a quick search) that have already been posted on the subject??

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