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burntwolf 07-03-10 09:17 PM

too old to start?
i'm 36 and just started looking into BMX. not sure where to start. wondering if there are old fat guy classes haha. i wanted to do BMX as a kid but wasn't allowed to. i wasn't allowed to do dirtbikes either, but i've been riding for the past 8 years now. no racing though. just trail riding.

was trying to find out some info on straight freestyle or anything.

i don't know yet if i really want to pedal...haha...but...i've started to think about it and trying to look into...i'm in the SF bay area...

so, yea, i'm kinda clueless at the moment. i don't think i've even seen RAD. haha.

vrkelley 07-05-10 10:10 PM

fat old guy classes? just get out there and start f*rting'll all come back

vrkelley 07-05-10 10:13 PM

There's a 60 year old guy in this thread that can probably outride us all

burntwolf 07-05-10 10:15 PM

i meant like the vet 35+ classes for racing (like they have for MX)...not like a class to learn how to ride...

i don't know what'll come back cuz i never did it before...ha...

still looking around to see what i can find...

gitarzan 07-05-10 10:17 PM

Ask your Mom first.

burntwolf 07-06-10 08:59 AM

helpful, thanks

FujiFixed 07-08-10 02:23 AM

I've just started again at exactly the same age as you, so I certainly don't think you're too old. Think about why you want to ride BMX and where/how you want to ride. If you're into dirt bikes I'm guessing you want to do some dirt jumping? You're best going to a store that stocks a decent range of bikes to see which one suits you and appeals to you. I've got a flatland bike, which is pretty heavy and small, which makes it unsuitable for street, vert or dirt, for example.

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