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SmileyFace1995 07-28-10 11:32 PM

New -Wanna get a bike? Help?
Hey, i've never really bmx'd before, and i want to start getting into it because my friends are all getting sweet bikes, and i don't got one... First off i almost got a Dirt racing bike,, but i want a bike more for like Street & street tricks.. My friend said but they're just soo many to choose from And i'm guessing you all know alot about BMX and could help me, my friends said lighest= best but then i see the more $$ bikes that weight more,, probably becaues they're better build. so i'd just like to get the best bike for the $$ as of now i have like $200,,, and could probably come up with $400 if needed

So what is the best bang for my buck ? :) thanks everyone

robertv 07-29-10 06:56 PM

Most of the bikes on Dans comp are pretty sweet. You could try some other mailorders as Danscomp are pretty famous for being completely evil and have ripped off many people before(they won't rip you off, they dont rip-off customers, they rip off other companies) Still, you can always order from danscomp. It used to be that if you ordered from danscomp everyone would make fun of you.
I would say try to save up to 400 bucks. a 200 buck bike is entry level, so is a 400 buck bike. The 400 will be better.
As for dirt vs street, theres a couple of different frame types. Some frames are racing frames, these suck for tricks cause they're too long, they're set-up for racing and you don't want this. Then theres Trails frames, also kind of long but not as long as a racing frame. Then theres street/park frames, sometimes called scooters, these have a shorter rear end, and sit lower to the ground allowing for faster tailwhips and spins and whatnot.
Personally I find the ultimate frame for everything to be a trails frame or something inbetween trails and street. I think I'd feel pretty weird on something with a super short rear triangle and a really low top-tube.
You should maybe go to a shop and try some bikes out. (Although since you're new most of the bikes will feel strange to you)
I don't know about any mailorders other than danscomp that are still running, Albes used to be quite good but I've heard that theyre not always on top of things, stuff takes a while to ship out etc...
I would say get a trails frame. I have the fit trl 3 and I love it. The TRL 2 or TRL 1 should be in your price range. I think that the fit TRL and PRK frames actually have similar geometries(their spec sheet is confusing to read).

Also how old are you? or better, how tall? If you're a tiny dude or a little kid then one of those little street frames will feel like a trails frame for you anyway. If you're a really tall dude then you need to start thinking about top tube length and how little you really want the frame. Im at the height where i could ride a 21 top tube if i really wanted but a 20.75 is preferable.

If all of this is confusing pretty much any freestyle bike trails, street or park, will get the job done and at around 400 bucks you should have a sweet bike. You probably wont get full chromo but you'll get mostly chromo so it wont be too heavy either.

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