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V.I.BMX 08-03-10 02:48 PM

Newbie Question
I ride road bikes and have been playing around on an old bmx bike. There is a track a short distance away from me I would like to race BMX at but i also want to try freestyle.

Question is, Is there a bike that is good for both Racing and Freestyle?

robertv 08-05-10 03:26 AM

Many freestylers and racers will tell you no. BUT a trails frame should do both quite easily. you'll want something with a 21 top tube, or maybe 21.25, and certainly no shorter than 13.65 on the chainstays. Most racing bikes seem to have chainstays longer than 14 inches.
I know a guy that regularly races a trails frame. And yeah you should be able to ride park and street on a trails frame just fine.

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