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Deckerz 08-15-10 11:17 AM

BMX Project
Ok so first il introduce myself, im Declan, i paint cars part time, iv never really been interested in bikes as a hobby or anything, i use a barracuda kensei mountain bike just to get from A to B but i do take care of it and give it a good clean and check over every month, i thought as its summer i may as well do a custom project.

I bought a bmx for 5 from a friend, it had no stickers on it so i dont know what make it is, the crank took a while to take off but everything else came off pretty eaisily.

I decided to strip the paint off it, i think i will paint the frame a burnt metallic orange and the rest of it black.

This is it part stripped with one of the new wheels i got for it on the back.

It seems like a nice frame, no dents or rust, my little brother just got a felt frame and it seems to weigh around the same.

Fizzaly 08-15-10 12:56 PM

you might wanna be careful using an radial laced back wheel ive never had luck using them.

Deckerz 08-15-10 01:36 PM

i might get some better wheels but im not sure yet as this when complete is just going to be my new A to B bike but i do want it to be reliable.

I got the wheels i think just because i liked the look of them, the tyres are from a old BMX i had before this, i had the bike for around a year but then everything slowly started to fall apart, the tyres were probaly the best thing on the bike to be honest, they have been sitting in the shed 3 years and they dont have any cracks or anything.

Since this picture almost all the paint is now stripped and i found the bike pump so i pumped up the tyres, more tomorrow...

Fizzaly 08-15-10 02:04 PM

And if your using that paint stripper in a can, wash the frame with some dish detergent before painting

Deckerz 08-16-10 11:56 AM

OK so heres a little update, the frame is pretty much stripped now, theres just little bits left on the wealds but il get that off with the dremmel along with slight surface rust.

The next stage will to buy some primer and paint then get it preped and painted.

I will have to get some new tyres afterall because i pumped up the front tyre today and it had cracks in the sidewall and a tear on part of the tread but hopfully thats the only thing that needs replacing.

tyler11 08-16-10 08:45 PM

how do you plan on painting it??
like what color?

Deckerz 08-17-10 08:30 AM

im not sure yet but i was thinking either a metallic burnt orange or a metallic pearl blue on top of white primer but the first thing i need to do is to actually get it primered.

tyler11 08-17-10 12:27 PM

blue ok.. i got a paint job 4 u
sand the frame while its raw with fine steel wool to make it a lil shiny.
then get "krylon x-metals in the blue color it comes in and get a can a can of cheep black paint.

lightly spray the welds with the black then sand it to where just the deep parts of the welds are black.
then paint it with the blue... thin coats cuz the paint is like clear with a blue tint and its easy to make it run
then re coat with the blue intill you get the color you want.
i did my cranks in purple and it looked realy good. i might have some pix, if i do ill post em

tyler11 08-17-10 12:30 PM

1 Attachment(s)

i used to have more but i deleted them
btw you can get everything at walmart

Fizzaly 08-18-10 09:57 AM

tyler thats actually an awesome idea so that x-metals paint does have a use, i think im gonna try it

Deckerz 08-18-10 03:50 PM

thanks for the idea man, i think i will do that on my next project, iv just been accepted for a 3d design crafts course at college so i need to get this bike finished within the next week and its abit of a rush now, i got the first couple of coats on the frame, 2 more then wet sand and clear coats.

i cant decide between gloss black and matte black for the forks and handle bars but i think i might go for gloss as the frame will be very glossy.

Deckerz 08-20-10 04:52 PM

close up of the paint on frame, i think i need to get another can or two just to finish it off and make sure its all covered evenly.

tyler11 08-20-10 08:35 PM

is that the krylon i told yo to get?
if not what is it

Deckerz 08-21-10 09:31 AM

its hycote paint, luckily for me the car shop is just round the corner so there was a huge seletion but i liked this shade of blue alot and the pearl tint makes it that more special.

Im not sure if i should put any graphics on it yet, i have a load of waterslide decals that would look good on it, i also have some mongoose stickers but there would be no point as its not a mongoose. If i do decide to put some on i will make them suttle so the attention is more focused on the paint rather then the decals, this bike needs to be all finished by tuesday night, wednesday morning at the latest so i hope i can get it done, this bike determines wether i get on the course at college so wish me luck.

bikeee 11-01-10 03:17 PM

go with what u said strip it of the paint and the wheel then maybe if ur interested invest in nice rims and a decent back hub or fork

fuji86 12-29-10 03:15 PM

Nice job on your bike.

A few months back, did some computer work for a fellow. He had a 20" Haro beater bmx in his garage. So that's my project as he gave it to me over Christmas holidays. Basically, needs brakes as in the bike had them and everything was removed from levers on the handlebars and everything in between all the way to the pads and the parts are long gone by now. I am still wrestling with keeping it brakeless for now. I think the previous owner decided to convert from brakes to brakeless?

Anyway, frame is clean, no dents, rust, but whatever coating the metal had is scraped to bare metal in too many spots. As far as rideability, the front wheel hub was loose & sloppy, but fortunately that tightened down and was really just an adjustment that needed to be done and not a worn axle. Also discovered that the rear wheel needs truing, front is close enough to true, but might as well get that done too. A small rip in the seat, but everything seems solid after the initial cleanup. Inspected it for cracks in the frame and welds, there weren't any. The freewheel hub has no issues either, movement is smooth and the bottom bracket is also a smooth operation. It's an eyesore, that may be a good thing, it's uglified without me having to contribute going into this bike ownership. I'm thinking of refurbing it as a economical sale or donation so that perhaps a less fortunate kid can have a solid bike to ride and grow with. That's where the brakes come into the project, to have a clear conscious, I wouldn't flip or give it away unless the parents were going to put brakes on it for their child.

Oops, almost forgot, it doesn't have pegs.

fuji86 01-01-11 07:39 PM

Turns out underneath all the failed attempts to paint the bike before me, the frame is chromed. I've got it stripped down to the frame and will refinish it. Gotta scrub the chrome so primer will stick to it. After that it should paint ok ?

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