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JonathanGennick 08-21-10 08:34 PM

School me on brake pads
Are brake pads for BMX bikes different than those for mountain-bikes? Is there any reason not to mount a pair of, say, Jagwire Basics v-brake pads on a BMX bike? Are pads for BMX bikes curved differently to match up with the smaller rim diameters?

tyler11 08-21-10 10:24 PM

umm they should fit as long as the pads are threaded.
and pads the softer the better

JonathanGennick 08-22-10 06:48 AM

Thanks. The pads I put on more or less fit. They had a longer tail than normal brake pads. The curve of the pads is probably a better match for a larger rim though. Not that it's a bad mismatch, but I did notice it upon looking closely.

i_r_beej 09-28-10 11:59 AM

Softer brake pads are not necessarily better. Depends on the sort of riding you're doing.

Tricks requiring immediate stops at relatively low speeds DO benefit from the sticky, grabby soft brake pad compounds (most, if not all, clear pads are the softest). Softer pads wear faster. Much faster.

Racing would require a more "conventional" brake pad compound like the black or "salmon" colored pads from Kool-Stop. For higher speeds you want more control and modulation, not super grabby skid-prone braking.

20" wheels might curve too much for some of the longer v-brake pads, whereas a 24" wheel wouldn't present much of a problem in regards to compatibility.

Kool-Stop's "Thinline" series of pads work well with v-brakes. They also sell a line of inserts that are compatible with Shimano-style brake pad cartridges.

mack_turtle 10-02-10 09:32 PM

the compound of the pad seems to correlate with the finish on your rim.
red pads- raw, machined, or anodized rims
black pads- chrome rims
clear- painted rims

i had red pads on my bike, then went from a machined rim to a chrome rim and the pads were way too sticky! i switched to black Kool Stops and the brake felt much better.

minichamp31 10-07-10 10:39 AM

Clear pads on a chrome rim stick like glue from what I've heard.

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