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shawn o 09-25-04 04:01 PM

Sprocket diameters ?
Where can I find info on the actual diameter of different size sprockets ? My current set-up is 43-16 and I want to swap out to either 36-13 or 30-11 on my Standard STA-500. It it evolvers and the one at the rear is on the chainstay so I want to be sure I have clearance before I go an order a new cassette hub and sprocket.

Thanks, Shawn

Ninshadow 09-25-04 09:00 PM

Probly the smallest you can go is 30 11 but check a bike shop and bring a tape mesure

BMXTRIX 09-26-04 10:53 PM

No, you probably can't go below a 36 tooth. Most chain stay mounted brakes give you very little clearance for sprockets smaller than about 36 teeth. Even the Evolvers which are lower profile really don't give you much more room, so you may not even be able to go down to a 13 in the back - maybe only a 14.

This is why all new bikes with even a half-assed attempt at decent design will have seat stay mounted rear brakes.

Ninshadow 09-26-04 10:59 PM

Ohh good to know I read somwhere it was 30-11. I was thinking about going to 36 but I guess I maght have to settle for 39.

ezekiel 09-26-04 11:39 PM

you can do 36-13 on an STA.

as for the frame design, my fly pantera can run 25-9 with chainstay mounts. I only run 33-12 though.

shawn o 09-27-04 10:21 AM

Hmmm, maybe I'll have to get a 990 adapter bracket and mount it up top then since there's a hold there for it. Either that or get some braze on 990 mounts and do that.

sxe fbm rider 09-27-04 11:35 AM

I run a 36-13 on my night train..

ezekiel 09-27-04 09:53 PM

I have 2 friends with STA frames that run 36-13 it can be done with no brake mods.

edmej123 09-27-04 11:09 PM

i ride 45-16....

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