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Freebyrd 09-25-04 07:43 PM

federal nation frame ?
what do you guys think about this frame? im still trying to find a good frame or bike that won't rob you of all your money... but anyways i was considering buying a expert parts package from dans. what do you think?

sxe fbm rider 09-25-04 09:19 PM

the parts pacages are allright, but i wouldnt get one

Freebyrd 09-26-04 11:19 AM

i wish they would show you the details for everything thats in it instead of just putting 2 pc handlebars or alex rims. i really wonder what hubs come with it too. oh well, wonder iuf ill ever find out

Ninshadow 09-26-04 02:48 PM

Be cautios they use a lot of poverty parts and I have heard some of them are really cheap

sxe fbm rider 09-26-04 04:01 PM

they say that because all of the stuff is just so-so parts.. call them and they will tell you..

Freebyrd 09-27-04 01:34 PM

im probably gonna get it because i dont have much money... that or a complete bike

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