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xxmoclov42xx 10-13-04 05:20 PM

bronco or bunnyhop???
wutt do u think is better bronco or bunnyhop???

me a bronco

sxe fbm rider 10-13-04 05:51 PM

Depends on what your doing..

CMcMahon 10-13-04 06:19 PM

There is no such thing as a bronco.

PGZX3 10-13-04 07:23 PM


Originally Posted by Beerman
There is no such thing as a bronco.

I wish more people thought like you :eek:

BMXTRIX 10-13-04 07:28 PM

Well, considering a bronco is like something a cowboy deals with and a bunnyhop is the way bmx riders get both wheels in the air, then I would have to go with bunnyhop. There are probably a few cowboys on these boards who might disagree though and just love bustin' broncos.

Broncos are what 10 year olds call bunnyhops when they don't know they are simply called bunnyhops. Call it a bunnyhop like every other pro on the face of the earth.

jrt1990 10-14-04 07:40 PM


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