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rice400 10-19-04 06:21 AM

Cheap Bike....
I have a pretty cheap bike (about $100) i don't do real big tricks just manuals, wheelies, endos stuff like that. i was wondering what i could do to lighten it a little with out costing me major $$. also the bike has steel rims but i bet there probably junk compared to what u guys have. so what kind of rims should i look into that wont cost alot of money. do u think i should even replace them. i have only had my bike for a week but i am sure eventually the rims will crap out. (starting in spring i might go to the skate/bike park and i might go off some 3 foot ramps.

CP2003 10-19-04 06:37 PM

well manuals, wheelies,endos are not bike tricks and i do them on a 20" frame with 16" wheels on it

CP2003 10-19-04 06:39 PM

**big tricks** not bike tricks

CMcMahon 10-19-04 06:46 PM

He said that he didn't do big tricks.

rice400 10-19-04 06:50 PM

so any tips on how to lighten it?

CP2003 10-19-04 06:52 PM


CMcMahon 10-19-04 07:05 PM

Check your other thread.

haro_rider09 10-20-04 02:53 PM

havnet u noticed that 2 kids have done that
they make at least 2 threads on the same thing
then they make a new thread to ask about what people have told them in another thread lol

sxe fbm rider 10-22-04 11:02 AM

A good way to lighten up your bike is to take the extra change out of your pocket.. best way.

haro_rider09 10-22-04 06:05 PM

hahaha good one

Bikedued 10-24-04 07:17 AM

Seriously, check out some femco aluminum rims. I ride and jump with them fairly often, and they hold up well under my 210 pound body. They're really light too.

As for picking on guys(or kids) that possibly can't afford a $300+ bike, it's pretty sickening. You should ashamed, IMHO. What's wrong with improving on what you have, if you can't afford to start over?,,,,BD

rice400 10-24-04 08:22 AM

yep thats right. i am just a kid. i am only 13 so i am not old enough to get a job. so i just bought a bike for riding around on.

but when i turn 14 and i get a job i am going to Mike's Bike Shop (small store in my town that sells haro, schwinn, stuff like that) and i am going to buy a nicer $200+ bike.

Mr.Noobie 10-24-04 09:50 AM

where do you liv where you can get a job at 14?

if you wanna lighten your bike up, youll be spending more than an extra hundred,

new bars are around 40-60 bucks
new wheelsets are around 120-200 right there

keep what you have on your bike right now, lift some weights to get rid of that "extra weight"

Bikedued 10-24-04 10:34 AM

My femcos were $34 rear, and $25 front?

rice400 10-24-04 11:26 AM

marshalltown, Iowa. i could get a job at a restraunt wiping tables or doing dishes. i could probably make a couple hundred every 2 weeks.

btw. when i get $200+ i am just going to buy a whole new bike. maybe a haro or diamondback

Mr.Noobie 10-24-04 05:49 PM


Originally Posted by Bikedued
My femcos were $34 rear, and $25 front?

how many walls? what style of riding do you do? how many spoke holes? what kind of hubs if any?

Bikedued 10-24-04 06:16 PM

I'm not going to fall into this "You gotta have this rim" You gotta run this 110psi tire" "You gotta do this, Or it ain't worth *****" mentality for you. I ride what I ride. I don't ride an $800, 45 pound, 3 inch tubed bike. I jump my bike, and they have not broken them, that should be good enough. If I can't break them at 210lbs, a 13 year old isn't likely to unless he runs off the rafters of his house onto the driveway.,,,,BD

Bikedued 10-24-04 06:18 PM

I hope I didn't give him any ideas, lol!

Bikedued 10-24-04 06:29 PM

I think the shop owner cut me a deal, since I frequent his shop alot. I'm possibly his best customer as far as parts, custom wheel building, and supplies go.,,,,BD

They were factory built, heavy guage spokes, joytech hubs 36 hole.

I have Sun Rhyno Lite rims on the bike that I mainly ride, and bulletproof 24's on the stretch.

rice400 10-24-04 07:16 PM

what bikes do u recommend that cost about $200-$300. i am planning on street and maybe some jumping

now i can't ride for a little while. i was doing a wheelie and my front wheel didn't land straight and i crashed. i landed right on my hands. i think i sprained or strained my left wrist

Bikedued 10-24-04 07:22 PM

Well, you're in luck, cause chick dig injuries, or so I've heard? I saw some good looking bikes at my local shop. Free agents, SE racing, etc. Most of those were in the $250 to $350 range.,,,,BD

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