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povertyrider201 10-24-04 01:33 PM

what r some good bars to ride
i ride some S&M slam bars and i like them but i cant x up or barspin them because they dig into my stomach because they r so long i ride trails and i need to know if those r the right bars to be riding dirt with

sxe fbm rider 10-24-04 02:16 PM

did you cut them shorter?

kjj512 10-24-04 02:42 PM

Slam bars are 28" wide so if you did not cut them it would be hard to do an Xup or barspins. You may also need to adjust the angle of the bars sometimes that would effect it. The last thing would be that you need to change the way you ride and have your body further back when you do these tricks. When I barspin my body is basicly centered over my seat so the bars wont hit me. By the way Slam bars are very good bars to ride dirt with they are nice and strong and I personally trust S&M alot.

prescottbmx 10-25-04 02:24 AM

t-1 are the best bars ever

CMcMahon 10-25-04 09:28 AM

I'm a fan of the Solid Hella Lights, personally. I think that I'm going to go with some higher bars next time around, though.

sxe fbm rider 10-25-04 09:53 AM

I love the T-1 bars. I was riding S&M dive bars.. because I got them for 10 bucks, but i didnt realize how bad they were for me until I got some T-1s

prescottbmx 10-25-04 01:15 PM

yeah dive bars feel really weird

bmxrdr88 10-26-04 08:30 PM

get some berringers for trails, there tall and like 25". i ride the t1 mediums and fbm dirty/dirty's, there awesome.

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