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Blaster 07-26-00 04:39 PM

I love to jump my bike! I keep getting pinch flats? Any ideas what I can do? My bike is a Mosh DJ3.

Crank 07-27-00 06:52 PM

I dont BMX but . . .
Try putting a higher PSI in your tires, the problem is that your rim is hitting the ground when you land & the tire gets pinched. I think there are also some tires (not tubes) that have a foam tipe edge that reduce pinch flats, dose anyone know if this is avalible for BMX? i think i saw some on a mountain bike.

dirtforlunch 07-05-04 09:48 PM

i think ur do to much of a kick in ur jump thats how i pop mine

fr0zty 07-08-04 07:45 AM

I got some reeeeeely thick specelized tubes cuz i kept getten flats and havent gottn one sience.

BiKe_GuY666 07-09-04 12:54 AM

They have self-sealing tubes out there that seal up the flats. If it dosent seal, take out the tube and make sure the hole gets covered.

PGZX3 07-09-04 12:47 PM

you can also take your old tubes and cut them down the middle, cut out the valve and wrap it around your new tube...instant double thickness....pinch flats are from can be fixed by either riding smoother or running higher PSI....

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