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Beginner 08-01-00 08:15 AM

hey what is the worst wreck you guys have had?


cyber biker 12-24-00 08:25 PM

i was on a double when i had to bail and when i hit the ground i knocked myself out

altern8ive 12-25-00 10:13 AM

half pipe
i stacked on a half pipe, i went to do a peg stall and missed the rear peg, i slipped off backwards and got my wrist caught in the handlebars, backwards. i broke two bones in my wrist

digbmx4130 03-05-01 10:10 AM

I broke my collar bone when I was racing. Nothing happend to my bike :D I had 5 stictches in my chin also.

CrAzEd_RiDeR 03-11-01 05:58 AM

hmm.. I have had many crashes that all hurt alot! but the worst one i've had has got to be when I tried jumping off my 2 story house with my old Haro Monocoque and landing in my pool. Just to let you know.. my bike made it in the pool but i slammed my hole right side of my head and arm on the concrete... There was (alot) of blood and swearing going on>:) I got 4 stiches on my head and both bones in my arm broken.. The broken arm healed and now i am doing more stupid stuff>:)

(P.S.) Dont try that.. it hurts

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