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stingray 11-28-04 09:13 AM

what kind of bike do you have
i ride a next flatspine.

rice400 11-28-04 09:23 AM

i used to have one too

now i ride a 2005 Haro Backtrail X1

haro_rider09 11-28-04 11:34 AM

Originally Posted by stingray
i ride a next flatspine.

then tell me why your in a bmx forum
i ride a dk cincinnati

bobbinsbmx 11-28-04 11:38 AM

I Ride A Mongoose Homebuilt Menace

rice400 11-28-04 01:48 PM

don't forget haro rider (or should i say DK rider) that i used to ride a flatspin too

sxe fbm rider 11-28-04 02:42 PM

FBM Night Train.

VROD 11-28-04 03:31 PM

haro mirra pro

NewbyBmx 11-28-04 04:22 PM

diamondback joker 2004. Is that a good bike?

sswarmachine 11-28-04 10:47 PM

Another old guy on a mirra pro? Cool! Same for me ,mirra pro. (and I'm too old for it too!)lol! Before you dis it ,the only haro parts left are the frame, seat post, and clamp!

BMXTRIX 11-28-04 10:56 PM

Ares Choise

bobbinsbmx 11-28-04 11:27 PM

newbybmxer a diamondback joker 2004 is well good i was gonna get a 2005 one but i decided to build my own bmx

legalize_it 11-28-04 11:38 PM

im currently collecting parts to build up my metal bikes dagger

bmxrdr88 11-29-04 05:35 PM

fbm pw moto, fbm bi***in camaro, and a k2 dmc.

stingray 12-08-04 06:14 AM

just the other day got a wipeout and fixed it for bmx

sxe fbm rider 12-08-04 09:38 AM

Originally Posted by bmxrdr88
fbm pw moto, fbm bi***in camaro, and a k2 dmc.

Do you actually ride 3 different bikes, and if so why?

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