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bmichaelx 11-30-04 07:54 PM

Best Trick
What are some of your best tricks or some of your favorite tricks you can do? My favorite trick is manualing, my record is 425 feet. My best trick is probably a barspin.

rice400 11-30-04 08:00 PM

um well i suck at tricks but i have lots of fun practicing manuals. i can manual a good 5 feet. o yeah thats so good. (note the sarcasm)

bmxrdr88 11-30-04 08:19 PM

i downside whipped this 16ft gap today. it was burley!

rice400 11-30-04 08:21 PM

man i am such a noob. all u guys are doing tailwhips, and no handers, and stuff like that and i'm just learning bunnnyhops and manuals

bmichaelx 11-30-04 08:23 PM

Is a downside whip is like a half tailwhip one way and then like a half decade the other way? On the Etnies Forward video Jason Enns does a downside whip(i think) straight out of this bowl into a bank and landed fakie. Also Joey marks (or something) does a double downside whip 360 on this dirt jump. Those crazy bastards.

arboc! 11-30-04 08:47 PM

i can do crank flip one handers

bmxrdr88 11-30-04 08:55 PM

yeah whitesnake is crazy. a downside whip is a downside whip one way and you spin the opposite way and catch it. i cant really explain things taht well.

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