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jRC1088 11-30-04 09:52 PM

Talk about anything!
Just to start the thread, i would like to say that small children who don't know what the hell they're doing are a huge burden in the skatepark. I dont know how many i've hit and had to scrape off at home, it just annoys me!

da_empire04 12-01-04 04:31 AM

yeah man, there so fudgeking annoying, especially scooters coz they seem to think that all will get out of their way. at least ****** Sk8ers & BMXers (tha ones that suck) usually look out and mumble sorry if they screw up ur run.

VROD 12-01-04 05:25 PM

The kids in the park are probably the champions of tomorrow everyone has to learn.I don't ride in a park but would probably be in the way if I did only been riding bmx 3 weeks but not a kid 52yo

haro_rider09 12-01-04 09:43 PM

i agree wit VROD

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