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bobbinsbmx 12-02-04 11:41 PM

favourite rider
who is your favourite rider mine will have to be Jamie Bestwick hes wicked

sxe fbm rider 12-02-04 11:48 PM

Van Homan.(as a rider)
Darryl Nau (as a person)

bmxinvasion 12-03-04 04:05 AM

Dave Mirra

rice400 12-03-04 07:27 AM

Mat Hoffman

bmichaelx 12-03-04 09:55 AM

Rooftop and vic murphy are the funnyest riders out there but my favourite rider has got to be Cory Martinez.

bmxrdr88 12-03-04 06:08 PM


bmichaelx 12-03-04 06:32 PM

Taj's part in Etnies forward is prety crazy. And hes got a section in the raw footage section of Forward. The curved wallride at the end of his part is insane to.

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