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jRC1088 12-05-04 03:40 PM


KrisPistofferson 12-05-04 03:48 PM

I'll see your :) and raise you :o .

jRC1088 12-05-04 03:52 PM

oh yeah well, :mad: and :)

CMcMahon 12-05-04 07:09 PM

I see you :) and and raise you a

jRC1088 12-05-04 08:38 PM

I see your shieldy thingy and raise you :roflmao: and :beer:

bmichaelx 12-05-04 08:46 PM

Oh yeah well........umm..........i can make stars ******
All you people with your high-tech moving stuff

jRC1088 12-05-04 09:10 PM

That's not how you make boobs. (.Y.) is how you make boobs!

CMcMahon 12-05-04 09:15 PM

Originally Posted by jRC1088
I see your shieldy thingy

That was laffycat.

jRC1088 12-05-04 09:16 PM

oh, my bad!

Tazz 12-06-04 04:09 PM

Originally Posted by Beerman
That was laffycat.

even i can see that :bday:

bmichaelx 12-06-04 07:23 PM

Well what now....I learned your high-tech ways!

I'm a quick one.

jRC1088 12-06-04 07:26 PM

Uh, i don't know. let's go throw rocks at some nuns!

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