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jRC1088 12-05-04 09:11 PM

Are Primo Hula Hoop Rims Good?
Are they?

CMcMahon 12-05-04 09:30 PM

I ran them front and back for about three years, and I never had a problem.

jRC1088 12-05-04 09:34 PM

Originally Posted by Beerman
I ran them front and back for about three years, and I never had a problem.

Awesome, cuz i finally got info on my rims, They're Primo Hula Hoop rims with Mount Hubs. It turns out the hubs are right up there with demolition and DK hubs. Sweeeeeeet!

CMcMahon 12-05-04 09:54 PM

I can't say that I've ever heard of Mount hubs; neither has Google.

jRC1088 12-05-04 10:03 PM

In google type in "BMX Rims Mount Hubs" and click on the hellbent site, in the site go to products and services and go to "hubsets", My hubs are similar to the black ones they have, excepet mine are annodized blue, and have the logo.

CMcMahon 12-05-04 10:05 PM

Looks like a high-flange Poverty hub to me.

jRC1088 12-05-04 10:06 PM

one of the forums listed in google had some info on them.

jRC1088 12-05-04 10:08 PM

BTW, What are high-flange poverty hubs.

CMcMahon 12-05-04 10:14 PM

Suzue knock-offs.

jRC1088 12-05-04 10:21 PM

What are Suzue knock-offs. Are they a good kind of knock off?

CMcMahon 12-05-04 10:27 PM

They are clones of Suzue hubs. And, no, they're not.

jRC1088 12-05-04 10:35 PM

A couple of reviews I found said they were right up there with demolition and dk. How they look has nothing to do with how they perform.

jRC1088 12-05-04 10:41 PM

Ill take a pic of them with my webcam, and you canjudge them on that. the ones i have look nicer than that pic just with a "similar" shape. kind of

jRC1088 12-05-04 10:45 PM

Hey wait, sorry, actually looking at that pic, my hubs look nothing like them.

BMXTRIX 12-05-04 11:11 PM

They are a generic copy of a fairly high quality hub. Odds are good that the axle that comes with it is cheap and poorly made and the bearings in the hub are probably sub par. It may even come from the same factory as the 'name brand' hub, but with lower grade trimout parts on it.

If the hub is not sealed then that is the main thing to look for (loose ball bearings).

If it is loose ball, then no matter what brand it is, it is not something that will last you a long time. The value you get from a name brand hub is often reflected by the concept that you can get high quality replacement parts and often call someone or email the company from their website.

Like - doesn't exist. No help, no service... highly questionable when a company doesn't stand behind their product.

jRC1088 12-05-04 11:13 PM

They're actually DK axles, i know because i bought and installed them myself, i also switched out the bearings so i don't have to worry about those either

edmej123 12-05-04 11:55 PM

cant you get huffy's at walmart? havent been there in a while...

jRC1088 12-06-04 07:44 AM

YOu can get new huffys at wal-mart, and i will agree their new stuff sux. I have an older huffy though.

BMXTRIX 12-06-04 09:46 AM

You have always been able to get Huffy's at Wal-Mart... and if you say again what frame you have, it can be confirmed or denied that it comes from Wal-Mart.

bmxrdr88 12-06-04 07:16 PM

i only run hulas in the back and have been loven them for 2 years.

jRC1088 12-06-04 07:25 PM

cool. the only thing on my bike that isn't high quality is the frame. i'll have to replace the huffy.

bmxrdr88 12-07-04 07:54 PM

i got some frames lying around that ill practically give to you.

bmichaelx 12-07-04 09:56 PM

Originally Posted by Beerman
I ran them front and back for about three years, and I never had a problem.

How many times did you have to true them over those 3 years? Because if it wasn't to many times then I should think about getting them once my Alex Tripple walls are trash(that will hopefully and probably not be for some time now). I'm not that good with truing my own wheels yet so I have to bring them to the shop whenever I need them trued. Witch is very spendy. So I want the strongest rims out there(and I don't care about weight). Would suggest the Primo rims? I ride dirt park and street.

CMcMahon 12-08-04 12:47 AM

I trued the back wheel four or five times, and the front wheel two or three times. I was running Odyssey Hazard hubs and generic spokes with it.

jRC1088 12-08-04 03:12 PM

Originally Posted by bmxrdr88
i got some frames lying around that ill practically give to you.

Really, where are you located!

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