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bmichaelx 12-06-04 04:32 PM

I have been able to no-footer for a while now so I started to try crankflips. I have been just bunny-hopping and trying them but after 3 days I can't even get the cranks to spin. My chain is loose enough and so are my cranks so thats not the problem. Any tips?

arboc! 12-06-04 05:19 PM

you want to practice them on flat ground not even in the air, just rolling. what you want to do is push down (with out taking your feet off) on the back pedal, get your cranks angled back a bit, then a like when the cranks are half way to vertical, flick the pedal back wards with your front foot. then do the same movement in the air.

bmxrdr88 12-06-04 06:55 PM

the way i do them is i take my front foot and put the heel of my foot on the pedals, and the other foot i put my toes on my pedals, that way my feet are out of the way when i flip the cranks.

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