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bmxrdr88 12-07-04 08:26 PM

mutiny cassette hub.
im thinking of going back to a 25-9 on my mutiny, ive never done it on this hub before, and i dont now which brand of drver i need to get. just thought one of you peoples might know.

CMcMahon 12-08-04 12:33 AM

Mutiny makes a cassette? It's not on their website and it's not on Empire or Albes.

Tazz 12-08-04 01:05 PM

I dont think mutiny make cassettes hub's mate. if it can go down to 9t its propably a profile or something..................

easternbmx04 12-08-04 03:42 PM

25-9 sucks :(

bmxrdr88 12-13-04 08:09 PM

albes stopped selling them a couple weeks ago. ill just keep it at a 36-13.

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