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josh_3 12-09-04 12:15 AM

New Tricks
I am an ok rider i want to learn some new tricks
I can do:
No Footers
No Handers
Double Peg Grinds
Feeble Grind
I can almost do No Foot can cans and candy bars

Any Ideas on new tricks

rice400 12-09-04 07:19 AM


easternbmx04 12-09-04 01:41 PM

abubacas, pedal slides, footjam nosepicks, fufanu's, 180s, 360's(hard) and whatever you like to do

rice400 12-09-04 05:45 PM

um i don't think this fits the topic but o well. i was jumping stairs today. its pretty fun. i went next door so i could jump the stairs leading up to their porch. (although no one lives there) its a really small set (only 3 stairs. but its big for me since i started jumping steps only like 5 days ago) anyway i started at one edge of the porch hoping i could get enough speed to clear it. i couldn't get enough speed so i ended up landing front wheel first! good thing i didn't crash. it just wasn't the most fun landing. maybe i could have made it if i pulled up on the bars more...

rice400 12-10-04 07:25 PM

i tried it again today. i still can't land it clean...

josh_3 12-10-04 07:56 PM

wheel stand off it that will keep your front wheel up

rice400 12-10-04 08:04 PM


arboc! 12-10-04 09:03 PM

im working on a 360

josh_3 12-11-04 05:09 AM

roll towards the steps a bit slower than you usualy do and just do a wheelstand

rice400 12-11-04 08:33 AM

i know i'm stupid but whats a wheelstand?

josh_3 12-11-04 04:44 PM

its like a manual but you pedal while manuling and you go heaps faster and u can do it for alot longer

CMcMahon 12-11-04 07:30 PM

That's a wheelie.

Dannihilator 12-11-04 11:13 PM

Simple one would be a whip(Not a tail whip)

Truck Driver

bxbmx 12-12-04 12:50 AM

try a smith - i cant do that yet, tabletop, barspins, x-up, .. try some flatland tricks, like scuffing.

Tazz 12-12-04 09:38 AM

i would realy try 360's. i know what your thinking ( thats way to hard ), but there actualy realy easy. i didnt know i could do them till friday night when i just tryed. it took me about 15 or somthing try's to "basicly" clear a box with them but it easyer than you think. dont try to clear a big box with them because you could over rotate and end up in a ugly mess :(

bmxrdr88 12-13-04 07:17 PM

try tailwhips, or downside whips, there fun.

queensrider86 12-13-04 08:37 PM

once you can 180 you can do a 180 tailtap 180 .you just do a 180 and land with your frontwheel up.instead of doing a rollback,dont move your crank and your wheel will stay up. keep your head turning when you are spinning to complete the 360.when you practice,you can learn to do a full 360. thats just how i learned

rice400 12-13-04 08:41 PM

now i'm getting mad. i still can't try the stairs again!! its soo cold outside. the windchill is like 10 below. i wear lots of sweatshirts and a heavy coat but i'm still freezing. i'm not going to freeze my @$$ of to jump steps. i'll just wait till it warms up.....

queensrider86 12-13-04 08:45 PM

just pick up your front wheel at the stairs. the adrenaline will keep you warm

JMC 12-15-04 02:18 PM

Originally Posted by easternbmx04

wats a 555ing abubaca?

bmichaelx 12-15-04 02:43 PM

Originally Posted by JMC
wats a 555ing abubaca?

Thats when you go straight up a ramp and land on your back tire on the coping and then hop straight down and land fakie and roll out.

rice400 12-15-04 08:32 PM

i tried the stairs again. i can't get any speed at all so i couldn't clear it. my back wheel hit the 2nd or 3rd step i dont remember. this time i didn't land front wheel first so the landing felt more "stable"

i'll try again tomorrow. anymore tips. next time i am going to lean back and when i'm ready to jump them i'll pop back like i'm doing a manual. hopefully it will carry me over the jump. ( i have know clue if it will. its my own idea)

bmxrdr88 12-15-04 09:23 PM

just bunny hop, or get more speed.

rice400 12-16-04 07:15 AM

i suck at bunnyhops and i can't get much speed. its like an 8 foot porch

bxbmx 12-16-04 08:15 AM

try jhops, bring the front of the bike up first, then the back. (lean towards back)

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