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bobbinsbmx 12-09-04 11:53 AM

dirt,vert and ... what do you do and ride?

CMcMahon 12-09-04 12:27 PM

Mostly park, with trails and street on occasion.

easternbmx04 12-09-04 01:43 PM

anything thats rideable

bmichaelx 12-09-04 02:51 PM

Mostly park and street. I'll ride any trails that I find or that I manage to make. Wich isn't very many.

Tazz 12-09-04 05:40 PM

Street and park piggy <---- + the occasional dirt sesh

bobbinsbmx 12-10-04 04:05 AM

col i ride dirt vert and street and trails ,trails are the best

CMcMahon 12-10-04 10:30 AM

Originally Posted by bobbinsbmx

I'm calling BS on this one.

gtrider 12-10-04 11:31 AM

i ride it all flat vert park and trails and street

sxe fbm rider 12-10-04 11:44 AM


bmxrdr88 12-13-04 07:24 PM

i try to ride everything, except vert, to me its pointless.

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