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Crazyrcer 12-09-04 12:41 PM

Chain tightness?
How tight should the chain on my bike be? How much should I be able to move it up and down?


rice400 12-09-04 03:57 PM

1/2" is what i heard. sorry if i'm wrong

bmxinvasion 12-09-04 04:10 PM

1/4 to 1/2 deflection is good I have mine stiff so my cranks don't spin doing whips.I just picked up some fit chain tensioners pretty good stuff.

Morry 12-12-04 09:00 AM

yer have yo u chain fairly tight. I know if i have my chain to loose it will rub on the top of the brake lever and thats nooot good :)

bxbmx 12-16-04 01:36 AM

hmm, idk if my chain is loose, but when i bought the bike, there was no sound when i bounced the bike, now u can hear the sound of the chain.

CMcMahon 12-16-04 11:23 AM

I prefer mine to have as little slack as possible; the tighter, the better.

FireTeamCharlie 12-16-04 11:27 AM

I agree with Beerman.

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