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josh_3 12-10-04 07:20 PM

is a haro f4 a very good bike 4 $500 aus

BMXTRIX 12-10-04 10:26 PM

No, it's a very mediocre bike.

Not 100% 4130 chromoly
No chrome rims
But, it is a decent design and will last you a fairly long time if you maintain it well. It does have a cassette hub and smaller gearing a decent frame geometry. It should be alright.

XxHaroBiker 12-11-04 01:02 AM

i would not not buy it if you plan on riding hard at all. In september of 2003 i bought a Haro F5 and it didnt even last me a year.

Tazz 12-12-04 09:55 AM

Haro's are good for nothing overrated wall mart bikes

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