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bmexican 12-12-04 08:50 AM

good pedals?
does anyone no of a good gripping pair of pedals, preferably $40 or less?

bmichaelx 12-12-04 09:29 AM

I have the Snafu concave pedals. I got them for around 30$(unsealed). They have 4 pins per side. They're not good if you do pedal grinds though. You should also look at the mosh step pedals for 25$. There sealed pedals w/12 pins per side.

Tazz 12-12-04 09:40 AM

primo tenderizers if not grinding, but gusset if you are cuz they have a grind plate on them :D

queensrider86 12-12-04 08:55 PM

get dk iron cross pedals. 15 pins each side. unlike primo pedals most of the pins are replaceable

CMcMahon 12-12-04 11:27 PM

Odyssey Jim Cs.

sxe fbm rider 12-13-04 01:55 AM

im not a fan of iron cross pedals.. never ridden the jim Cs., but i have wanted to since i saw them, but my pedals are fine, go with beerman and get the jim C.s great looking pedals.

bmexican 12-13-04 07:24 AM

okay then jim cs it is then

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