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FireTeamCharlie 12-13-04 09:30 PM

Nd Help choosing upgrades for my bike/
I bought a '05 DK Cleveland last week, I rode it around awhile happy with it, now I wanna upgrade it, I already decided what im going for with bars, Animal Bob thing that look like Dyno bars, Now for pedals what should i go with, my bikes got crappy ass welgo pedal on it now. I also want other seggestions for parts, just keep the parts low in cost :D

rice400 12-13-04 09:37 PM

Jim Cielencki pedals look and sound like they are good but i don't know if u consider them cheap

the unsealed pedals are $27.99
sealed pedals are $57.99

BMXTRIX 12-14-04 09:03 AM

How many months have you been riding your bike? What is causing you the most problems?

If you answered: "I bought a '05 DK Cleveland last week, I rode it around awhile happy with it." Then go ride your bike and stop spending your money on upgrades you don't even need yet!

What a waste of money it is to upgrade parts that work perfectly fine right now. The stuff on your bike is great, there is nothing wrong with it at all, so WHY do you want to upgrade? Do you know what you want in your handlebars? How much rise? Width? Sweep? If you are going to change stuff up on your bike, then you should know what you are looking for, then get kick a$$ parts to put on that will actually last you a while.

bmxinvasion 12-14-04 09:09 AM

I think he just wants to pimp his ride.LOL!

FireTeamCharlie 12-14-04 01:17 PM

Yes I do want to pimp my ride. The bike workd great but it nds more. For Bars I want dyno style i saw a set on Dans comp for $60, and for pedals i was looking at the DK Iron crosses, Actually i was looking at the Crupi ones until the saw the price. The bike works great breaks work awesome, It has a sealed headset so the headset is good for now, The crank works great. Theres one major flap with this bike, the front hub which is a DK Macho is unsealed, it workd fine but i am gonna change it. Thats about it.

bmxinvasion 12-14-04 02:02 PM

hey man thats good I see you really want to upgrade if you get all those parts you will be officiallly pimped! You know I'm just jokin with ya.. ;)

FireTeamCharlie 12-15-04 06:38 PM

I should get some of them walmart spinner hubcaps and rig them to work :-)

bmxrdr88 12-15-04 07:32 PM

for pedals get jim c's, but get them from albes, because there an awesome color and they have a penguin on them. thats what i had until i got the drive mags. which are awesome as well. but i like welgos too.

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