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scottyf4i 12-14-04 08:20 PM

I am looking to buy a bike but I don't know what I want to spend. First of all I'm 25 about 165 and I don't know about comfort or whatever. I don't know what size to look for I see alot of 20" is that a good enough size ? Help me out.....

FireTeamCharlie 12-14-04 08:30 PM

Are you look for BMX,MTB, or one of them sissy french bikes, if you're looking for BMX got with 20" cause most of them are 20" except a few dirt or race bikes wich are 24, and there are a few 16 inch bikes too. I have honestly no idea about MTB, or pansy lil french bikes, pick out what your most comfortable on thats all i can say, also here are the few bands to stay away from, ANYTHING AT WALMART, Mongooses under $300, and pretty much everything under $300. Thats all i can tell you.

rice400 12-14-04 08:50 PM

my bike was less than $300 :(

i guess its not that good

sxe fbm rider 12-15-04 12:23 PM

Originally Posted by FireTeamCharlie
pansy lil french bikes

hey dont knock on road bikes, ride a fixed gear and call it pansy.. Go on. And lil is a pretty pansyish word amd 27" wheels are not "lil" compared to 20".

FireTeamCharlie 12-15-04 12:52 PM

I just call em that cause my gay uncle rides em. And cause their lil tire(width wise)

bmxrdr88 12-15-04 07:46 PM

first of all how tall are you. that pretty much detrmines the top tube that your going to need. and try to stay away from all mogooses.

scottyf4i 12-16-04 08:16 PM


CMcMahon 12-16-04 09:34 PM

Well, you definitely want something with at least a 20.5" top tube.

bmxrdr88 12-17-04 05:40 PM

im 5' 10" too and i ride a 20.75"

FireTeamCharlie 12-17-04 06:51 PM

Im 6'0 and rode on a lil 82 gt for a long time it has like a 17 inch top tube :-/

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