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16Victor 12-18-04 10:00 AM

Another 3 pc. crank question
This regards a new 3 pc crank installation. I took a 1 pc. out. The bearings are pressed in nicely - Just have to begin setting the chain line.

Question is, when putting the arms on the splines, I assume the center bolt should be tightened first, squeezing the assembly together, and then the pinch bolt tightened?

How hard do I gronk on the center bolt?

Any other setup procedure advice is VERY welcome.


BMXTRIX 12-18-04 11:27 AM

I usually just tighten the bolt until the cranks and everything is firm. So, I don't torque the crap out of the bolt, but make is firmly tight. I use profiles, so no pinch bolt on my cranks, but you are correct. First the spindle bolts are tightened then the crank arm bolts. The crank arm bolts are tightened about the same. Firm, you don't want to break those bolts inside the crank arms. They just keep the crank arm from wiggling around, they aren't to hold the crank arm on, so firmly tight is plenty.

16Victor 12-19-04 09:03 PM

BMXTRIX, thanks.

FWIW, what I did was:
- loosely install the chainwheel onto the crankarm
- loosely install the RH crankarm onto the spindle
- set the chainline with shims and a special straightedge I made up
- install the LH crankarm and shimmed so it's the exact same distance from the chainstay as the RH arm
- tweaked the two center bolts back and forth until the spindle was pretty well centered
- tightened everything up.

Seems good to go.

Should I have used antisieze on the splines? How about loctite on the pinch bolts?


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