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Tazz 12-18-04 12:57 PM

1pc 9t driver for "proper" cassette hub?
Hey any one know if the are planning on bringing out a 9t driver for a "proper" cassette hub?

i know you can get a single 10t cog for the cassette, (i have one) but i was looking at it today and it looks like you cant get any smaller with out a 1pc driver, so is there one on the way. I realy dont know about the noise level if they did bring it out, because a 9t driver for a oddy cassette brings it to almost silent :eek: . does this depend on the driver or what??

any sexual, spiritual, or mental guidence is appreciated :p :D :D

bmxrdr88 12-18-04 03:37 PM

fmf's cassette hubs can run a 9t cog, but i dont know if you can buy them seperate. i can check.

Tazz 12-18-04 07:55 PM

i am just looking to find out about the "proper" cessette. (proper being the brand "proper" not as in "proper or fake".

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