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Tazz 12-20-04 11:57 AM

Your GheTTo riding spots - pics
Hmmm.....we have ghetto mods and bike, but why not ghetto spots?

Heres mine, it was made buy Will jackson from wethepeople, most of the ETR team, a few HDP'erz and me and my goonies. Its basicly a kick to rail, we have since concreted it and made ourselfs a little skate park consisting of; Spine, quater pipe, random kicker (no.2), and a full size hip. yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

**cudent get pic to load but why sabbotage a thread jus because of a pic, ill get one soon (cudent find it)****

bxbmx 12-20-04 01:10 PM

Tazz 12-20-04 01:30 PM

cant optimize my photo, wont go on :( a little help please?

Tazz 12-20-04 01:33 PM

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JMC 12-20-04 03:23 PM

in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa, when you are too lazy to ride the 5kilometers to the skatepark, you(if you live near Kabeljauws) go to the drain pipe. its basically a 1 metre wide bit of flat cement, a 1.5 metre wall bit that goes up at about a 60-odd degree andgle, and another the other side. its pretty lame, but fun too.

JMC 12-20-04 03:24 PM

Originally Posted by Tazz

okay, thats much more ghetto than the drainpipe.
cool idea though. :)

Tazz 12-20-04 03:28 PM

thanks, its a big project we set upon over the summer. There is only one park within riding distance and that is ****, so we just set this up right next to where we all live to ride all day every day :D

JMC 12-20-04 03:30 PM

thats cool. i have big respect for people like you Tazz. you solve your own problems. real inspiring mate.

Tazz 12-20-04 03:33 PM

:D thanks :D

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