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NYC-rider 12-23-04 04:25 PM

keeping warm
How can i keep warm while riding without wearing anything that messes me up

BMXTRIX 12-23-04 04:59 PM

If you are cold then you aren't riding hard enough.

I often wear neoprene shin/knee guards under my usual pants. They are really flexible and much warmer than nothing on my legs. A sweatshirt and long shirt under it and some gloves and I am usually good to go.

bxbmx 12-23-04 09:52 PM

just wear a hoodie, it will be cold when u come out, but after 5 min u warm up

bmichaelx 12-23-04 11:01 PM

If it's realy cold out but you just have to ride, then I where sweatpants under my regular jeans, and I wear a hoodie.

.:MTB:. 12-23-04 11:29 PM

I would tell you to move, but I understand its colder here in Texas than in NY right now.

vrkelley 12-24-04 05:44 AM

Dump the cotton shirts and go for the fleece hoodie

JMC 12-24-04 06:54 AM

just wear a beanie. you can see mine in my picturey thingy. it works mate.

JMC 12-24-04 06:56 AM

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heres my beanie

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