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MadMan2k 12-24-04 08:26 PM

BMX Backflips (game)
I found this flash game, it's pretty fun:

See how far you can get in the game - I got to the obstacle course, but the triangle killed me.
Score: 66396

dirt dude 12-26-04 10:57 AM

ive complted it go slow onto the triangle thing or u do a front flip

Bmx3r 12-29-04 03:02 PM

Thats a well addictave game. i took me till1AM tryin to complete it

BMXTRIX 12-29-04 03:52 PM

It took me a lot longer to complete it, but at least I'm in the top 50 as far as scores go... Very addictive and fun to do when sitting around bored at work over the holidays like I am now.

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