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bmichaelx 12-25-04 10:28 PM

sprocket spacer?
On my old sprocket I had a spacer to make it fit a 3 piece but when I took that same spacer and tried to put it on my new Kink OG sprocket it didn't fit, but it says that it is drilled to fit 1 piece cranks and you need a spacer for it to fit a 3. My old one just fell into place in my sprocket, but this one might fit if I pound it it a little, is this normal?

sxe fbm rider 12-26-04 02:11 AM

um.. just call up the crank company and ask them for a spacer for the cranks you have, they should send it without charging you and it should get there fairly quickly.

CMcMahon 12-26-04 05:09 PM

Just go to the local bike shop. The crank company isn't going to have spacers to fit every single sprocket out there.

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