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josh_3 12-26-04 03:04 AM

Odyssey Race Forks
R They Any Good

BMXTRIX 12-26-04 10:05 AM

Yes, they are excellent - designed for RACING of course, so not as strong as their dirt/street forks. But, light and high quality with a lifetime warranty.

CMcMahon 12-26-04 05:14 PM

I've been running them for nine months with no problems.

bmxinvasion 12-26-04 05:30 PM

thats the race fork 37 oz's thats the one your running? I was thinking on lightening up the front end ...glad you posted that comment I'll give it a try.

bmxrdr88 12-27-04 07:57 PM

there pretty nice.

bmxinvasion 01-04-05 03:47 PM

got mine, feels good, alot lighter,too.

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