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B1105 12-27-04 10:46 AM

24" BMX VS 20" BMX
Right, I'm just sorta curious, but whats the advanatge/disadvanatge of a 24" over a 20"? BMX? I currently ride trials, street and cyclocross, and was thinking about getting into BMX cheaply, and posibly selling my street bike. Often times, people say, just get a BMX insted of a street bike and I have to wonder why?


Maelstrom 12-27-04 11:47 AM

Off the top of my head you would have a higher rolling top speed, I think 24" bikes come with longer tt to suit the larger rider (I don't fit the biggest bmx, as I didn't start in bmx, I am no comfortable on them, but a 24" feels fine)

Only things off the top of my head.

pgringo69 12-31-04 09:42 PM

the advantage of 24" over 20" is that the 24" is more forgiving. a small bump hit by a small wheel is effected more than a large wheel. think about it this way...a pebble can stop a skateboard dead, but a bike wheel will roll right over that pebble.

24" wheels seem to be the best wheel for the cruiser class in bmx racing. a 26" wheel is a bit too flexy, and the rotating mass is increased enough to slow your acceleration. plus, the 26" wheel bikes are not nearly as nimble in the air usually. one main advantage 20" have over 24" is their acceleration and manuverability.

bmxrdr88 01-03-05 08:51 PM

24" bikes have usually the same size tt as regular sized bmx bikes. and all that wheel stuff you guys where talking about is true.

bmexican 01-04-05 07:37 AM

compared to a 20" race bike a 24" is a little harder to handle not as predictable when steering. Also harder to manual over jumps and they just weigh alittle more. in bicycle moto cross 24"s are called cruisers by the way.

legalize_it 01-04-05 10:40 AM

anyone ride cruisers in parks or street? ive seen people dirt jumping with cruisers, but never see anyone riding street either with or without pegs... (besides seeing people using them as transportation)

Maelstrom 01-04-05 12:59 PM

I know a few mountain bike pros riding park with 24" bikes. But most bmxers moving up (in wheel size) I know still run 20" in park.

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