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josh_3 12-28-04 07:01 PM

In june i bought a hoffman dirty 1 thirty and it came with green frame forks and bars

i just bought some odessey race forks and there black so i want to paint my bars black which has heaps of scratches on them

should i sand down all the paint and then paint them black

any ideas or thoughts would help

bmxrdr88 12-28-04 08:34 PM

sand them down then paint them.

BMXTRIX 12-28-04 09:35 PM

Yeah, that's the best way. At the very least use sandpapaer to scuff the bars up so the new paint will grip better. Then paint them black, then wait for them to dry, then paint again, the dry, then clear coat - twice - then wait about 5 days before you use them so the paint has time to harden.

It won't be close to powdercoat quality, but it is a lot less money.

I'm not sure if you should tape up and NOT paint where your stem clamps on though - I would probably tape that.

ttmnky 12-29-04 01:04 AM

If you're going to spray paint the frame, I would suggest automotive spray paints. They can be found in most automotive sections of stores like Walmart. The finishing is often very smooth and after that, clearcoat the frame once or twice to protect it a bit.
Although I'm a newbie to bikes, I have been painting and spraypainting a lot. Use Automotive spray paints. YOu can't go wrong with them

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