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JMC 12-29-04 09:21 AM

do i really need my chain tensioner?
what will happen if i take it off? my old bmx didn't have 1 and it rode okay... please advise me, cuz i hate my chain tensioners!!

BMXTRIX 12-29-04 09:25 AM

No you don't.

But, I love my chain tensioners.

If you are happy without them and your rear wheel doesn't shift, then don't use them! If your rear wheel shifts and you are constantly adjusting things, then get some tensioners that you do like. I think the Haro tensioners have the best actual design (engineering) of any tensioner that I have seen.

JMC 12-29-04 09:25 AM

my mongooses are rubbish.

BMXTRIX 12-29-04 09:32 AM

The Haro chain tensioners are nice because they use a regular hardware store bolt that screws INTO the tensioner on the axle. Most tensioners have a washer that goes around your axle, with a bolt welded to it and then you put the tensioning plate over the bolt and put a nut on the bolt to tighten things up. This leaves a lot of extra bolt sticking out the back of your bike and if the bolt breaks, or more likely, is bent and trashed, then you may not be able to loosen it or remove it.

The Haro design has the NUT integrated into the washer and you take a bolt and put it through the tensioning plate and into the washer/nut combo. It leaves a flat head on the back of your bike which is a lot cleaner and less likely to cause problems... But, should you grind and shear the head of the nut off, then you can just pick a new bolt up at your local hardware store for 20 cents.

Here's a picture of it on my bike - CLEAN.

pnj 12-29-04 11:35 AM

that's not the best picture, bmxtrix. could be my crappy monitor though.

I don't use tensioners. and my wheel slips. but not enough to bug me or keep my from riding. I no longer go on all day, 12 hour rides across the city where I need my bike to get back to my house. so I don't use them. I may end up with my chain a tad loose by the time I get home but that doesn't bug me so I don't use them.

rice400 12-29-04 11:40 AM

what do u guys mean when u say that your wheels slips? (i'm stupid)

pnj 12-29-04 11:52 AM

Originally Posted by rice400
what do u guys mean when u say that your wheels slips? (i'm stupid)

we mean the rear wheel gets twisted in the dropouts. so instead of it being spaced evenly between the back end of your bike, it is moved to one side or the other.

rice400 12-29-04 11:53 AM

ok. i get it

JMC 12-30-04 01:48 PM

oh. thats pretty wicked. how much for them haros?

rice400 12-30-04 03:34 PM

haro spyder tensioner is $10 (dans comp)

haro stretch chain tensioner is $9 (dans comp)

bmichaelx 12-30-04 06:33 PM

Originally Posted by BMXTRIX
The Haro chain tensioners are nice...]

Personaly I don't like Haro tensoners because they have bent when I rode them. I like the Primo Pro tensoners, and they're realy cheap to(11$).

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