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JMC 01-01-05 10:17 AM

spine transfers
how do you do them?

mave 01-01-05 10:50 AM

Hard to explain. its probably best to watch someone else do it and watch the way they flow over it. it all most looks like there turning themselves down into it on the way over. Sorry if its a bit of a naff way of explaing. If your confident just give it ago

dirt dude 01-01-05 11:45 AM

go up teh spine then push down on the handle bars and whip the back out slightly if u need to(it helps a lot) adn just lland in the tranny nice and smooth

bmxrdr88 01-03-05 08:47 PM

i just get some speed (not too much) and boost over the spine. ust ride up and kinda bunny hop at the lipand lean forward a little, once your there you'll get the hang of it.

Jayden69 01-11-05 08:37 PM

just ride over it and lean forward alot and whip the bak out and land.... always whip it

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